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  • Le migliori combinazioni naturali
    Le migliori combinazioni naturali
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    Miele…si mangia, ma non solo…. Come ben sappiamo ormai, al miele sono stati nell’arco dei tempi associati moltissimi effetti benefici una volta che esso viene assunto come alimento. Dall’effetto antibiotico, a quello antimicotico, antiossidante, gastro-protettivo, purificante e rilassante il miele ad oggi sembra aver scoperto nuova luce e un nuovo interesse soprattutto da parte delle ultime generazioni sempre al passo con i tempi. Oggi vogliamo condividere con voi, anche altre informazioni...

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  • When winter comes: where are the bees ???
    When winter comes: where are the bees ???
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    When the first cold weather arrives, we realize that the noises of the garden become less and less insistent and slowly everything becomes quieter. Mosquitoes, crickets, hornets disappear and we don't even hear our friends bees buzzing like before. But where is everyone? In fact, many wonder what happens to insects in winter. Do they hibernate? It doesn't work the same for everyone and each of them faces winter differently. For mosquitoes the intense cold is lethal and they remain alive only...

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  • Honey in the kitchen ... the combinations that best marry each other ...
    Honey in the kitchen ... the combinations that best marry each other ...
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    Honey in the kitchen is a food that is very suitable in every area. Whether it is used to sweeten our sweet recipes, or to give that touch of sweet and sour in savory recipes.

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  • Shortbread biscuits with honey
    Shortbread biscuits with honey
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    Honey in the kitchen, in addition to being a healthy food, is a valuable aid in many recipes, be they sweet or savory.

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  • Who is the beekeeper?
    Who is the beekeeper?
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    In the word "beekeeper", the word bees immediately makes you understand what, or rather, who we are talking about. The beekeeper is the one who works with bees to produce honey and takes care of them by feeding and looking after them at certain times of the year.

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  • Difference between a worker bee and the queen bee
    Difference between a worker bee and the queen bee
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    There are many differences between worker bees and the queen bee.

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  • How is honey produced?
    How is honey produced?
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    How do bees make honey?

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